We're closer than you think, on the corner behind Gateway Theater in Victoria Park, conveniently close to your neighborhoods like Coral Ridge, Poinsettia Heights, Sunrise Intracoastal, Rio Vista, and Wilton Manors.

Nothing to shred or dispose of? Feel free to stop by during Shred Fest™ to say hello. We'll even let you pick a Dandee Donut and make you a cup of Wells Coffee just for visiting.

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Consider this: would you put it in your paper shredder at home? As a part of their environmental commitment, ProShred brings the shredded paper to a recycling facility for further processing. Bringing something on the Do Not Shred list could compromise that or cause an issue with the machinery, so just filter what you bring.

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Frequently Asked at Free Coffee Sunday™

You can use your ticket for one (1) free coffee. Iced, hot, cold brew, espresso – it's your call. Coffee not your thing? You can also use your ticket for tea or one (1) food item.

While Wells has some ridiculously cool merch, you unfortunately cannot purchase things like shirts, mugs, or other swag. Bags of coffee beans are off limits too. But, if you see something you like, we know Wells would love you to rep their gear and enjoy their coffee at home! 

Technically, yes. But never on the same day. If you're hoping for a free cup, make sure you head to the right location. Details and location are always available here at freecoffeesunday.com and on Instagram @ringonhomes & @paulringon.

Of course! The more the merrier. Make sure your friend or family member also registers so they can receive a ticket when you arrive. Have the kiddos with you? Stop and chat with us. We'll usually make sure they receive a treat too, just maybe not an espresso.

Try inviting someone who's never been to Wells Coffee before!

Absolutely not. Ringon Homes promises not to spam you with junk. When you do hear from us, it'll be to thank you for coming, remind you about our next Free Coffee Sunday™, announce a raffle winner, or something specifically related to our collaboration with Wells Coffee.

Your information will never be sold or shared with third parties. We're trying to build relationships, not subscribers.

Free Coffee Sunday™ tickets are only valid on the day of the event at the specific Wells location. It holds no monetary value.