Become one of our Toy Soldiers to expand our reach into the community. We'll have your back with marketing, toy collection, and more. Keep reading to see how you can help.

Who can be a Toy Soldier?
Just about anyone! You could be an ambassador within your company, office, family, or group of friends. Toy Soldiers are the point person within their circles and communities.

Are there any requirements?
We ask that each Toy Soldier rally a minimum of at least 10 new, unwrapped toys. Easy enough, right?

Do I need to have an event?
We already have a robust calendar of what we call 'Drop-Off Events' that include Happy Hours, visits from Santa, a series of events at Wells Coffee and more. We can give you tips on coordinating an event, or you can easily sponsor or invite your circle to one of our existing ones.

I'm in! What do you need?
We'll need a headshot or photo and a short paragraph or two of who you are and what you do. For examples, scroll down to see what our other Toy Soldiers have written. We can chat about details and other events once we you've joined the troop.

Meet The Toy Troop

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Get Involved
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Toy Soldiers

Step up as one of our ambassadors in your office, company, or neighborhood!

Join our efforts as a Toy Soldier, and help create a ripple effect of joy! We'll provide you with all the marketing materials, and your role will be to invite, engage, and help extend our reach for a bigger impact.

History of Toys for Tots

Spreading joy with each new toy for over 75 years

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